NEW! Point of Sale Operations

POS Text Insertion is becoming more and more popular with business owners who use electronic cash register transactions. Industry studies consistently identify shrinkage as the largest drain on store profitability. Closed circuit television reduces shoplifting and vendor theft but CCTV alone cannot minimize employee theft which accounts for over 40% of shrinkage in retail stores.

NBX DVRs perform intelligent text insertion. Unlike third party solutions (external POS text generator plus register plus DVR/VCR) which only overlay text on the video, NBX DVRs can generate a searchable database that can be viewed along with the video. Use the database to perform a text based search for looking up receipts with specific words or numbers on them. This text insertion function is also available during Access Control Integration using our Access Control software. Your client can keep an eye on each access controlled door and record the users name, department, face and user code. They can later search for any of these details. INVALID entry attempts from de-activated or defective cards can also be recorded, as well as entry attempts made outside of normal entry hours.

This NBX security DVR can monitor up to 4 cash registers or POS devices, while other similar DVRs can usually connect to only 1,  if they have this feature at all!


    • Compression: MPEG4

    • Display speed: 480 IPS

    • Recording speed: 120 IPS

    • Display resolution: 720x480 (D1)

    • Recording resolution: 720x480, 704x240, 352x240

    • IE browser and client software network access

    • Supports Windows XP and Vista

    • Interactive Point of sale register input RS232 (optional RS485)

    • Optional internal UPS backup

    • Video inputs: 16 inputs (16 looping out)

    • Video Output: Main Composite / Spot monitor / VGA / S-video (simultaneous)

    • Audio in: 4 RCA

    • Audio Out: 1 RCA

    • Alarm in: 16 programmable relay

    • Alarm Out: 8 programmable relay

    • Programmable spot monitor out: full image with sequence or selectable quad

    • Adjustable sequencing: Main monitor and spot monitor

    • Active image correction: De-interlace on/off

    • PTZ controls: RS485 communication

    • Recording Mode: Manual, Motion, Alarm, Schedule

    • Record quality: 4 selectable settings

    • Search Mode: time, date, text, and camera

    • Motion detection: programmable, user defined areas

    • Motion setup: alarm duration (5~15 sec)  pre-alarm (0~5 sec)

    • Multiplex Operation: Record, multi-camera playback, web connection, back-up

    • Back-up Options: Windows software AVI, USB HDD, USB memory stick, DVD R/W, CD R/W

    • Storage: support for 4 IDE HDD (internal), USB 2.0 port for memory stick, CD R/W, optional DVD R/W

    • Hard drive info: size and temperature

    • Hard drive watchdog: SMART HDD monitor (sectors, nodes, temperature)

    • Hard drive RAID: Multiple drive mirroring

    • Network connection: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

    • Network access: Internet browser and/or client software with CMS

    • DDNS: on-board

    • Web server: Built-in allows remote viewing without software

    • Programmable network ports

    • Network speed preview and connected IP log

    • Language: Selectable English, Spanish, Korean, Russian

    • Operation Temperature: 41° F ~ 104° F (5° C ~ 40° C)

    • NTSC/PAL mechanical switch on rear panel

    • Power: 12VDC, 12.5A (150W)

    • Dimensions: 430(w) x 420(d) x 90(h)mm

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            & CD/DVD BURNER

The NBX 16 is a professional solution for video camera security/surveillance systems up to 16 cameras. It uses MPEG4 compression to record video and can display video up to 480 images per second and record at 120 images per second.  New Pentaplex technology can display live video, record, playback, backup, remote view, and allow network access simultaneously. Search recorded video by time, date, text or camera.  Record modes include manual, schedule, motion detection and alarm.  External USB ports are provided for backup and mouse control as well as RS485 for speed domes (up to 16). Connects easily to any cameras and speed domes. An IR remote control is included with this security DVR.


64-Channel Client Software   

    NBX client management software allows simultaneous viewing of up to 64 cameras, and connection to a maximum of 256 cameras. These cameras can be physically located anywhere in the world. As long as they are attached to a NBX 4, 8, or 16-channel DVR that is attached to the internet, you can view them and manipulate them. This includes bullet cameras, dome cameras, hidden cameras, pan/tilt/zoom cameras, speed domes and high speed dome cameras. You can program motion detection, set up recording schedules, playback video, do everything you could do if you were standing in front of the DVR and touching the front panel. And this software and upgrades are always free and available for download on-line.

Photos may not represent actual items.  DiT reserves the right to change style or specifications without prior notice.

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