4-Channel CMX 4C DVR
VCR Upgrade../DVRs/PLEX_4.html
8-Channel NBX8 DVR
with P.O.S.../DVRs/NBX_8.html
16-Channel OBX 16 DVR
CD R/W, VGA, & Webserver../DVRs/OBX_16.html

4-Channel DVR’s:

8-Channel DVR’s:

16-Channel DVR’s:

4-Channel, 8-Channel, & 16-Channel Realtime Recording CCTV DVRS

4-Channel PLEX 4 DVR
4-Channel NBX 4 DVR
with P.O.S.../DVRs/NBX_4.html
16-Channel NBX 16 DVR
with P.O.S.../DVRs/NBX_16.html
DIT-CMX4C-160 DVR ../DVRs/PLEX_4.html
160 GB hard drive../DVRs/CMX_4C.html
DIT-CMX4C-320 DVR../DVRs/CMX_4C.html
DIT-CMX4C-500 DVR../DVRs/CMX_4C.html
320 GB hard drive../DVRs/CMX_4C.html
500 GB hard drive../DVRs/CMX_4C.html
DIT-PLEX4-160 DVR ../DVRs/PLEX_4.html
160 GB hard drive../DVRs/PRX4.html
DIT-PLEX4-320 DVR ../DVRs/PRX4.html
DIT-PLEX4-500 DVR ../DVRs/PRX4.html
320 GB hard drive../DVRs/PRX4.html
500 GB hard drive../DVRs/PRX4.html
DIT-NBX4-160 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_4.html
160 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_4.html
DIT-NBX4-300 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_4.html
DIT-NBX4-500 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_4.html
300 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_4.html
500 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_4.html
DIT-NBX8-160 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_8.html
160 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_8.html
DIT-NBX8-320 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_8.html
DIT-NBX8-500 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_8.html
320 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_8.html
500 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_8.html
DIT-OBX16D-160 DVR ../DVRs/OBX_16.html
160 GB hard drive../DVRs/OBX_16.html
DIT-OBX16D-320 DVR ../DVRs/OBX_16.html
DIT-OBX16D-500 DVR ../DVRs/OBX_16.html
320 GB hard drive../DVRs/OBX_16.html
500 GB hard drive../DVRs/OBX_16.html
DIT-OBX16D-640 DVR ../DVRs/OBX_16.html
640 GB hard drive../DVRs/OBX_16.html
DIT-OBX16D-1TB DVR ../DVRs/OBX_16.html
1 TB hard drive../DVRs/OBX_16.html
DIT-NBX16-160 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_16.html
160 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_16.html
DIT-NBX16-320 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_16.html
DIT-NBX16-500 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_16.html
320 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_16.html
500 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_16.html
DIT-NBX16-640 DVR ../DVRs/NBX_16.html
640 GB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_16.html
DIT-NBX16-1TB DVR ../DVRs/NBX_16.html
1 TB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_16.html
DIT-NBX16-1.5TB DVR ../DVRs/NBX_16.html
1.5 TB hard drive../DVRs/NBX_16.html
8-Channel OBX 8 DVR
H264 DVR
w/ remote viewing
DIT-OBX8-160 DVR ../DVRs/OBX_8.html
160 GB hard drive../DVRs/OBX_8.html
DIT-OBX8-320 DVR ../DVRs/OBX_8.html
DIT-OBX8-500 DVR ../DVRs/OBX_8.html
320 GB hard drive../DVRs/OBX_8.html
500 GB hard drive../DVRs/OBX_8.html
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Easy installation, user-friendly operation and overall low maintenance are important considerations for smaller businesses that need high quality video surveillance and security equipment - but at a low cost.  Our line of high quality plug-and-play, Realtime recording 4-Channel, 8-Channel & 16-Channel CCTV DVRS (Commercial Digital Video recorders) are high performance with a full array of features uncommon to entry-level systems.  Systems include simple plug-and-play, realtime recording standalone installations and products that help build a platform for effective and versatile system integration.  So whether you are looking for a  realtime 4 Channel CCTV DVR, 8 Channel CCTV DVR or a 16 Channel plug-and-play CCTV DVR that's just a VCR upgrade, with a Point of Sale feature, has real time recording or having remote access capabilities, Digitalitek is your solution.