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DIT-OBX16-320K1 Infrared Indoor 16-Camera, Complete System w/ Pentaplex

     DVR, 320 GB & Remote Viewing

DIT-COAXDC-50 & DIT-12500

    We include eight 50' cables and power supplies necessary to hook up your cameras to your DVR. These cables are available in BLACK or WHITE.

Additional products included:

What about a monitor? We don't include a monitor with the kit because there are so many options available. For instance, you could use an adapter cable to connect the DVR to a television set. You could use a VGA computer monitor and an adapter. Or you may have access to an old composite monitor. If you don't have any of these options available, you can add a monitor or an adapter when you purchase this kit at additional cost. (CLICK HERE)../DIGITALiTEK/Monitors.html
NOTE: We know it's hard for us to provide a kit package that hits all requirements. We'll be more than happy to fine tune any kit package if you have special requirements and we have the items to substitute. This may effect the price (increase OR decrease, according to what you'd like). Please contact us if you'd like a minor alteration to this kit and we'll be happy to provide a quote! ../Contact_Information/Contact_Information.html

This security/surveillance package is designed for people who want wide coverage inside their home or business.  All of the cameras included in this kit are compact and designed for indoor installation.  We've wrapped them around an OBX 16 channel DVR with 320 GB.  The DIT-ORB16D-320 DVR contains professional features normally found in security DVRs costing much more.  It has full internet remote monitoring and control so you can check your cameras from anywhere in the world using the internet.  The OBX 16 also has multiple alarm inputs, multiple audio inputs, PTZ camera control and advanced motion detection features.  Video storage space is provided by a 320G hard disk drive.

The OBX 16 uses MPEG4 compression to display video up to 120 images per second frame rate and record at up to 120 images per second.  Search recorded video by time, date, or camera.  New Pentaplex technology can display live video, record, playback, backup, remote view, and allow network access simultaneously.  Record modes include manual, schedule, motion detection and alarm.  External USB port is provided as well as RS485, and support for TCP/IP. An IR remote control is included.


Power Supplies


Patch Cables

DVR Specifications:


16 IR Bullet Cameras


320 GB DVR

• Real time display on all channels

• Multi-language support (English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French)

• Remote access to recorded video via TCP/IP: live/play/backup (live/playback-DVR or AVI file)

• Embedded operating system

• Password protection

• 4/8/16 video looping

• Call monitor output (16CH)

• Record max. 120 images per second

• Provide channel masking

• IR remote control included

• Alarm

          - Input x4/8/16

          - Output x1 (NO.NC)

• Audio

          - RCA Input x1

          - RCA Output x1

• Motion detect

          - Area division: 16 x 12

          - ON/OFF sector selectable

          - Motion detect recording and relay on at the same time

• M-JPEG video compression

• Playback mode date, time, and event search

• RS-485 for control keyboard/PTZ dome.

• Horizontal resolution: 720x480 (NTSC), 720x576 (PAL)

• S/N ratio: >40 db

• Record quality settings: Super, High, Fine, Normal and Low

• Record mode: Normal, Schedule, Motion Detect and Alarm

          - Motion detect:   Area division: 16x12, ON/OFF sector selectable.

                                      Motion detect recording and relay on at the same time.

• Backup: USB, CD-RW, network.

• Storage: internal 1 or 2 HDD (3.5-inch IDE interface)

• Color: 16.7 million

• Output:

          o BNC x 4/8 video looping out, main monitor x1

          o BNC x 16 video looping, call / main monitor x1

          o S-video x1 / VGA x1 (optional)

• Power supply: 12VDC / 5A

• Operating temperature: 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)

• Operating humidity: <90%


    This indoor bullet camera features a crisp, high quality 420-line video sensor and is small enough to fit just about anywhere in your home or business. Infrared mode is automatic and kicks on when the light level drops below a preset level. A metal bracket is included, and attached cables for easy hookup to our included 50' cables. Available in BLACK or BIEGE.

Photos may not represent actual items.  DiT reserves the right to change style or specifications without prior notice.

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