UL listed Information Technology Equipment Including Electrical Business Equipment


TÜV CERT certification body issued a certificate to Eclipse CCTV after inspection of the firm’s quality systems and finds it in couplings with:  ISO9001:2000

The quality management principles of ISO9001:2000 emphasizes the importance of customer focus, leadership, involvement of people at all levels, process approach, systems and objectives.  By issuance of this certificate, the Firm represents that it will maintain its regiment in accordance with the applicable requirements.

ISO9001:2000  FM59469

The Consumer Electronics Association has issued approval certificates for all CCTV products to Eclipse CCTV and partners.  The firm named above is compliant with essential protection requirements of council directives 89/336/EEC on the approximation of the law of the members state relating to electromagnetic compatibility.


Under continuous certificate acquisition:  Depending on Models and specifications

                        UL #E316342 - ALL Box Power Supplies

                        UL #S24385 - ALL 600 lb. and 1200 lb. Maglocks

This certification in conjunction with all applicable laws and regulation applies to monitors and power supplies submitted by Eclipse CCTV and OEM partners for consideration and approval. The Recognized Component Mark is applicable to components that are incomplete in construction features or limited in performance capabilities. The Recognized Component Mark does not provide evidence of listing or labeling which may be required by installation codes or standards.

Federal Communications Commission

Underwriters Laboratories

European Communities

International Standard Organization

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Photos may not represent actual items.  DiT reserves the right to change style or specifications without prior notice.

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