As a preferred wholesale supplier of Surveillance products offering an extensive range of products for the commercial and residential surveillance market, DIGITALiTEK understands the business of product distribution by providing products with the best price, performance and reliability in the industry.  More importantly, we understand the business of customer service.  With it's partners, DIGITALiTEK has built a company that was designed with the customer in mind.  Our strategically positioned warehouse network is equipped with the latest order processing technology to provide quick shipping and delivery.


Most Importantly - OUR PEOPLE


It takes more than convenient locations, great products and fast shipping to be successful.  DIGITALiTEK has the best-trained team of sales and technical professional partners that can help you design and support your investment.  They are the reason why DIGITALiTEK is considered the best in the industry and are available every business day to help you.  If you're serious about the most effective loss prevention solutions, rely on DIGITALiTEK and its team of dedicated professionals and partners.

For sales, call 913-708-8331 and for technical support, please click here.

Our product lines consist of a full range of wired surveillance products including Cameras, Transmitters, Receivers, Switchers, Processors, Digital Video Recorders, Accessories, and wireless systems (coming soon).  In addition we provide Observation System Kits and Computer interface devices.  Our new products promise to expand the boundaries of the security industry.  DIGITALiTEK is always the best choice for maintaining overall competitiveness.

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Photos may not represent actual items.  DiT reserves the right to change style or specifications without prior notice.

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